Who should attend Risk Reimagined!?

  • Those charged with governance in any organisation: if you have any governance responsibility at all in an organisation, whether as a director, trustee, governor or other board member, then risk management will be a critical element on your radar screen, and Risk Reimagined! will help you to move the debate in your organisation from compliance (with endless risk rules and boring spreadsheets) to performance based on better risk management.
  • Those who manage risk management: if you are a CRO, a head of risk, or are simply charged with the risk management processes in your organisation, then Risk Reimagined! will help to open up a range of unsuspected vistas for further development and exploration so that risk management better supports the creation and protection of value.
  • Those who audit risk management: if you are a Head of Internal Audit or are responsible for auditing risk management, then already you know how complicated risk management is and in particular how difficult it is to provide meaningful insights to the board: Risk Reimagined! will help you to do just that.
  • Those who manage risk: if you are a director, member of the C-Suite or are simply a manager then you manage risk, just as you probably manage people and finances in your day-to-day responsibilities without necessarily being an expert in either: Risk Reimagined! will help you to take this part of your responsibilities to another level.
  • Those who advise on risk management: if you are advising clients on risk management, wouldn’t you prefer to be on top of your game? Risk Reimagined! will help you to give better advice.
  • Those who research risk management: if you are an academic and are actively researching and writing about risk management, then Risk Reimagined! will help you to ensure that you have considered many other parts of the risk management equation.
  • Those who are simply interested in risk management: if you are simply interested in the subject, then Risk Reimagined! will provide you with lots of food for thought.

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