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We are proud to be sponsored and supported by the following organisations and individuals:


Resolver, Inc.:  For over a decade, the world’s largest enterprises have relied on Resolver to perform as planned.  Their cloud based applications manage Governance, Risk, Compliance, and Incident Management for over 900 organizations around the world.


RSM: Risk Advisory Services – Helping you reduce risk when everything seems uncertain. Scrutiny from industry regulators and pressure from stakeholders to limit risk are unprecedented. At RSM, our risk advisory consultants provide customized risk management advice to the C-suite and boards of directors. Our risk advisory services combine in-depth industry experience, a collaborative, risk-based approach and flexible options — all designed to minimize risk without stifling legitimate growth opportunities.



RiskTV: Risk TV is an on-demand library of video briefings focussing on the world of risk.  The channel pulls together academics, specialists, CROs and practitioners from the world of risk, as well as experts and commentators whose expertise adds to the conversation about risk. Risk TV is operated by yBC.tv and has a very clear editorial agenda: to provide significant “food for thought” for anyone who is working in or interested in risk.


Institute of Risk Management: IRM is the leading professional body for risk management. We are an independent, not-for-profit organisation that champions excellence in managing risk to improve organisational performance. We do this by providing internationally recognised qualifications and training, publishing research and guidance and raising professional standards across the world. Our members work in all industries, in all risk disciplines and across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.


The Campbell Institute: The Campbell Institute was built upon one belief: that Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) is at the core of business vitality. We understand that EHS is fundamental to operational and financial performance, and we seek to help organizations, of all sizes and sectors, achieve and sustain excellence.


AndersonRisk: Making uncertain futures manageable: whatever your business Risk Management is climbing the board agenda. Focussing on sustainable business models that create value for customers, owners and society as a whole directors and managers have to pay more than lip service to risk management. Risk is about the future, and from where we stand at the moment, there are lots of potential futures.


Norman Marks: the well-known Risk Management author and evangelist, the author of World-Class Risk Management which is available to buy here.



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