What have people said about Richard and Norman?

About Richard:

“Richard changed the way that I manage my business!”
CEO of London Listed Company

“Not only was the workshop interesting, it was strategic, and above all it was fun!”
Interim Chief Executive of Government Agency

“Richard is a perceptive and innovative thinker whose ideas deserve attention.”
Visiting Professor in Corporate Governance

“I have known Richard for a good many years… He is, without doubt, a deep thinker on the subject of risk management and has done much to promote good risk management and to ensure that risk, particularly strategic risk, is given due consideration at board level. His thoughts on risk management are always well structured and warrant full consideration.”
Experienced Chief Risk Officer

“He’s a big picture professional with an eye for detail”
Senior Vice President

“Working with Richard in the area of risk management has been a very special experience for me. The quality and depth of his ideas and thought leadership that he brings, adds richness to the whole experience of client engagement. I feel, it’s a great deal working with Richard.”
Director at Accenture

“Richard impressed his clients and me with his state of the art know-how in risk management and his highly professional approach to problem solving and solutions implementation. It was a great experience to work with him!”
Senior Vice President Financial Services

“His knowledge of leading edge risk management quickly earns him the respect of clients and he swiftly forms strong relationships based on his evident knowledge and excellent personal integrity.”
Chief Executive

“Richard is addressing the big issues in risk management and creating actionable practice which adds value to clients. Examples are his recent thinking on risk appetite and COSO.”
Professor of accounting and non-executive Director

“Richard’s presentations are always leading edge and thought provoking. He has a great talent for challenging the assumptions but always with humour and charm, making every session I have attended both educational and entertaining.”
Director Risk Control

“Richard is an entertaining and charismatic speaker with models of risk management that challenge established practices. I recently listened to a presentation Richard gave in which the audience were given plenty to think about by the examples from his OECD paper.”
Head of Risk Management

“Richard is a leading thinker and writer on risk management. He is at the leading edge of technical challenges in the field of enterprise risk management whilst at the same time being able to provide advocacy and leadership for the emerging risk profession.”
Chief Risk Officer

“Richard was a highly regarded and thought provoking speaker on current corporate governance issues. He worked well with our delegates and encouraged them to develop their own thoughts and ideas in this area. His feedback was excellent and we look forward to working with him again.”
Experienced Internal Audit Manager

“Richard provides refreshing insights into the real causes of risk and governance failures. His expertise and knowledge are invaluable resources for anyone seeking a practical understanding of how to achieve business success through the application of systematic and intelligent enterprise-wide risk management.”
Managing Director

“Richard helped us to take an academic concept, understand it and apply it to our business in a way that ensured we took our business forward and without distracting us from our plans. “
Finance Director

“Richard is an expert in his field with an ability to translate business issues into relevant and practical risk management solutions. He is personable and develops lasting relationships built on trust. I would have no hesitation recommending Richard as a valued business partner.”
Director – Internal Audit

“Richard is forward looking in his approach to risk and risk management. He knows his subject extremely well and is able to look at matters from a broad strategic perspective as well as an operational and detail perspective.”
Executive Coach & Business Psychologist

“Richard is one of the pioneers of enterprise-wide risk management. He has been at the forefront of risk management and governance for many years… He has an outstanding track record, both in consulting to major UK and global organisations and in leading research to drive innovation in risk management. He is that rare combination of a true “people person”, with first rate technical and commercial skills. It was always a pleasure (and fun!) to work with Richard, as well as a great learning experience…”
Chief Risk Officer at Bank

About Norman:

“Norman challenges many stereotypical and clichéd views on risk management, but keeps coming back to simple, easy to understand concepts. He captures the essence of his thinking in “The management of risk is an essential element in successful management.” Norman’s book [World-Class Risk Management] makes you think, yet it is written in a lucid and friendly style. His thinking on ‘risk appetite’ challenges some ‘sacred cows’ held by many, but will help those who have struggled with this concept to find better ways of approaching this controversial subject.”
Retired Executive and Adjunct Professor

“In my view Norman is one of, if not the leading authority on matters relating to GRC. Starting as an internal auditor he has mastered all the other attributes of GRC and has led the very active debate on all matters pertaining to this area on a global basis. I always enjoy discussing matters with Norman, it is always worth considering what he has to say, because it comes from deep thinking and broad experience.”

“There are a number of adjectives that apply to Norman: intelligent, dedicated, helpful, nice, to name a few. But, the greatest attribute Norman possesses is his willingness and drive to stand above the crowd, to say what he thinks, to question what doesn’t make sense, and to have the courage of his convictions.”
Senior Director of Publications

“Norman is one of the true thought leaders of the internal audit profession. I’ve had the privilege of serving on two international committees with him, and in both he was the most astute in his comments, bringing up important issues no one else thought of… Of his many writings, the IIA professional guidance like GTAGs and Practice Guides are uniformly excellent, and his articles, blog, and contributions to message boards are always thought provoking.”

“Norman is a great thinker and do-er. He has been one of the leading voices to share important conversations around corporate governance, risk management, internal control and internal audit. I always look forward to the times that we get to collaborate.”
Software Startups and Recognized Expert in Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance

“Norman is undoubtedly one of the leading thinkers in the space of business risks and controls as it pertains to IT. Among the projects I’ve worked on with him, he and I were part of the GAIT project driven by the Institute of Internal Auditors, which created guidance on how to appropriately scope the IT portions of SOX-404. He was one of the core team members that created, over a course of almost two years, much needed clarity on both the theory and practice side of the problem. His deep experience on both the internal and external audit sides of the business makes him unique and valuable.”
Author, Researcher, Speaker, Director

“Norman is one of the best thinkers in the profession, and more importantly, he has the innate ability to present his compelling conclusions in a concise and convincing manner.”
Manager, Financial Systems

“I have been privileged to work with many, many talented internal auditors from around the world during my nearly ten years as an executive of the IIA, and Norman is among the elite. Norman’s intelligence, technical knowledge, and passionate commitment to out-of-the-box thinking position him, in my opinion, near the pinnacle of our global profession.”
Board of Governors at an IIA Chapter

“Norman is extremely insightful on issues relating to governance, risk and compliance as well as internal audit. He has a great ability to “cut to the chase” on issues.”
Internal Auditor

“Norman is a thought leader in the internal auditing profession. He is an excellent communicator and has a deep understanding of the interplay of technology with internal controls in managing business risks.”
Audit Reporting Coordinator

“Norman is a genuine thought leader in his field. I am always impressed with the new ideas that Norman brings to the internal audit profession.”
VP Internal Audit

“Norman is considered one of the leading thinkers on the committee and someone people go to for opinions and thought leadership. He has lead the efforts on key guidance provided to practitioners by the IIA for which we have received excellent feedback from practitioners at all levels. He is a true asset to the internal audit profession.”

“Norman was very strategic and innovative in the future of audit function. He shared breakthrough ideas that helped us think about how to increasing the value of Internal Audit.”
Retired business executive

I was very impressed with both his deep knowledge of the accounting and PCAOB literature and his sense of humor!
American College of Governance Counsel

We always benefited from his thoughtful insights, probing questions, and innovative ideas. Many times, Norman seems three steps ahead.
Director, Internal Audit

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