Agenda for the full day events

Richard and Norman are planning the Risk Reimagined! events as a Risk Conversation so that everyone in the room can take part in the discussion. But the conversation will not end in the conference room: this is only the beginning. You will then belong to an elite group of people drawn from right round the world who will continue to access the latest thinking about risk management and contribute to it, together with your peers from other countries. You can take part in the on-going discussion as much or as little as you like, but you will know that you have access to it for as long as the discussions continue to take place. Over a period of time more and more people will join the conversation as we visit other cities and other countries taking the Conversation around the world.

What we will be talking about at Risk Reimagined!

  • What is risk anyway? Is it a periodic examination of what could go wrong, or is it more about dealing with the uncertainty between where we are and where we want to go? Is it something that we do to comply with regulations and codes, or is it about making informed decisions? Is it about helping an organization develop and execute on strategy?
  • Who takes risk, and who should be responsible for deciding how much risk to take? Is the consideration of risk limited to what could derail our initiatives? Does it make sense to be “risk averse”? Where do reward and opportunity factor in? Is there such a thing as a single risk level?
  • Why do so many of us take different views of exactly the same risks? How does an organization decide which view is “right”? Is one person’s risk another’s opportunity? What about when the actions of one impact the success of another? How does a senior executive or board member gauge the effect of risk on corporate objectives?
  • What is the difference between the “risk” culture and the “organisational” culture? And how are we going to analyse it?
  • What is risk appetite? Is it a useful concept or an overly complicated piece of mumbo jumbo? How can you help the board and top management set desired levels of risk and also help decision-makers take the right level of the right risks?
  • Where is the weakest link in your management of risk? Inside the company? Or out amongst your suppliers? Or your outsource providers?
  • Do you REALLY care about the three lines of defence? Have you reviewed your second line? And what do the first and third lines know about risk anyway?
  • What should the board be thinking about when they are discussing risk? What should be reported to the board and senior management – and by whom?
  • How does the board know that risk is being managed effectively?

Risk Reimagined! additional benefits

An ongoing conversation

Once you have attended Risk Reimagined! you will automatically be enrolled in an on-going conversation for free. You will belong to an elite group of individuals who have participated in this global conversation and you will be invited to take part in discussions and new developments as they take place. It is fully our intention to make this the destination of choice for discerning risk managers and those interested in the discipline. Membership of this elite group will only be available to those who have attended a Risk Reimagined! event, or by specific invitation, or on payment of an annual subscription fee.

The Institute of Risk Management

The Institute of Risk Management is also delighted to say that it will accept applications from attendees at Risk Reimagined! for Associate Membership and will waive the joining fee, so that you only have to pay the annual subscription of £103 per annum. Of course, once you are a member, you can explore all the benefits that membership of the IRM has to offer, including the first recognised Certification scheme for Risk Management professionals.

CPE Certification

We will provide CPE certification for people who register for CPE on the day.


Those who wish to do so will be able to register on the day for RiskTV at no cost at all.

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